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Hole in one insurance
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Hole in one insurance
Marketing Etc.: Hole in one insurance and promotions
Marketing, ETC. is a specialized risk insurance underwriting firm dedicated to providing a complete portfolio of services for the Sports and Entertainment industry, including hole in one insurance. ETC. has over 50 years combined experience in managing the unique risks that are common within these promotionally oriented industries. ETC. is not just a prize risk provider. Using contingency prize coverage, ETC. specializes in strategic planning, creating and developing innovative promotions and programs to meet the complete insurance requirements of each client. With offices in the U.S. and Canada, ETC. is strategically located to provide our clients with the best overall service. Events, tournaments and contests are the heart of all of our business. The portfolio of insurance products offered by ETC. include but is not limited to hole in one insurance, unlimited types of prize indemnity, event liability, weather insurance, death and disability, contract fulfillment and bonus incentive, and event cancellation and non-appearance. Marketing, ETC. provides protection for not only hole in one insurance, but almost every type of sporting and entertainment event held throughout the world. From the grass roots events held locally to the major national and international sponsored promotions, ETC. enables clients and sponsors the ability to accurately define their budgets and leverage a minimum expenditure into a major promotion, with no risk. ETC.'s strategic alliances with A-rated U.S. carriers allow us to handle our clients insurance needs in any event.
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