Marketing ETC.

Everyone is talking
            about the WEATHER...

Use bad weather to create great publicity
Create a competitive advantage for your organization by offering $10,000 or a FULL refund when your customer buys from you and rain or snow on your contest date.

(average fees are 1.25 - 5% per sale for ALL of your customers)

For example
Everyone who buys a car at your dealership between November 15 and December 15 receive their purchase refunded if it snows* on Christmas Day.

(*based on a pre-agreed measured amount verified by Environment Canada)

Secure a rain-out at your event doesn't wash away your wallet
If the threat of rain or snow would cancel your event, call on us to see what we can offer so your event isn't a total loss. Ideal for fairs & festivals, concerts, shows, conferences, ball tournaments, baseball games, etc.

(use our e-mail to request an "Event Cancellation Application")

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