Beat The Buzzer: A proven crowd pleaser. Contestants attempt to beat the buzzer by making a lay up, free throw, 3 pointer, and half court shot before the 24 second clock expires.

Contestant's Choice: It's a different promotion every time! The contestant chooses any spot on the floor for their first attempt. That's the easy part. Now, turn to the opposite basket and sink a shot from the same location. Can you meet the challenge?

Mid Court Money: Sink two of three shots from beyond the half court line to win. Ask about our bonus for making all three shots.

The Long Shot: This time it is one shot for all the money. Will it be from 3/4 court, full court or somewhere in between? Premiums based on distance shot you choose.

Auto Lotto: Looking for a fresh idea? This is it! Allow fans to submit entries and attempt to predict the Top 5 finishers of the upcoming race. Then, randomly select a given number of entries as the Grand Prize finalists. If any of the finalists correctly predict the Top 5, they win the cash! Offer $10,000, $25,000 or even a MILLION bucks!

Just "Plane" Fun: Your local car dealer will love the chance to sponsor this contest! Contestants attempt to throw their hand made paper airplanes into the drivers side window of a parked car. That part is easy. The plane has to exit the car through the passenger side window in order to be a winner.

Race n' Roll: Toss six specially marked dice and attempt to spell out your name or the sponsor's name. All it takes is one lucky roll.

The Lucky Guess: It's the old "Jellybeans in a Jar" contest. But you can replace it with lugnuts in the trunk of a race car! Have race fans attempt to guess the number of items that are in an object. The right guess wins!

Kickoff Payoff: A kickoff return for a TD is one of the most exciting happenings in the game. Just imagine the added excitement when you can award someone a valuable prize during the celebration. Corporate sponsors love this one!

Play That Pays: It's your chance to build your own event. Select a different occurrence that pays for each quarter. For example, a kickoff return for a TD pays off in the first quarter, in the second its a safety. Choose from our long list of occurrences or create your own. It's the perfect event for Monday Night Football!

Field Goal Kick: Contestants attempt to kick a series of field goals from increasing distances, or raise the stakes and have it all riding on one kick. Pricing based on difficulty of required kick(s). Eligibility and selection restrictions do apply.

Truckbed Kick: It's a long time favorite among fans. Participants attempt to kick a football into the bed of a pick-up truck. It's great exposure for your automobile sponsors.

Triple Play: Award a prize whenever the home team turns a "trifecta." It's one of our most cost-effective, season long promotions.

Play That Pays: It's one of our most popular events! Select different unusual occurrences that pay off the big bucks. The contest changes every inning, so it never gets stale!

Target Pitch: Always the perfect fan participation contest. Choose from our wide variety of target options. Do you prefer one throw for all the cash? Or maybe hitting the strike zone three times would be more exciting. It's your event, you decide.

Strike Out the Side: Select a lucky inning for on big night or a series of games. If the pitcher strikes out the side in order in the lucky inning, someone gets rich!

Knothole Target: Your stadium is already full of signs. Why not make them more vauable by awarding a cash prize to a fan if a batted ball entes a target opening cut into the sign. The fans will love it.

The Puck Stops Here: Looking for a fresh idea? The contestant starts with a puck inside the face-off dot at one end of the rink, and must shoot the puck diagonally across the ice into the other face-off dot. Stop the puck inside the dot, and the grand prize is yours. Stay inside the face-off circle and win $1,000.

The Bank Shot: Pick one randomly selected fan at each game. The contestant places a puck behind the goal line and within the goalie crease area. The contestant must bank the puck off the dasher boards and into the open goal at the other end. Draw more attention to your sponsor's dasher board by requiring that the puck hit that particular sign!

The Speed Drill: The contestant gets 20 pucks behind the red line, and the clock is set for 20 seconds. The contestant must shoot 15 of the 20 pucks into an open net before the time runs out. We can even make it tougher than this!

Ice Putt: Using our special putting mat, contestant's attempt a 55 foot putt right on the ice. Watch the suspense build as the ball rolls towards the cup!

Golden Goal: Set a golden time for the entire season or have a fan select a time prior to each game. If a goal is scored by the home team at this time - you have a winner! Other variations include predicting when the game's first goal is scored or awarding a prize if the home team scores within the first 30 seconds on opening night.

"Post" Game Shot: Tired of shooting at target holes? Try hitting the goal post. It is our newest promotion. Several packages available.

Soccer Shoot Out: A long time fan favorite! Contestants shoot from 25 yards away into a 19 inch target opening at the goal. It's not as difficult as it looks!

The "Kids Kick": Invite a fan 12 years old or under to attempt a Soccer Target Kick to win a shopping spree at your local sporting goods store (or some place else) worth $1,000 or $5,000! And the best part is if they hit the shot, Marketing ETC pays the bill!

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